5 Rules for Selling During The Winter Months

    Are you thinking about listing your home for sale right now but you feel worried about the upcoming winter season? We hear from all kinds of home sellers in Louisville KY that are concerned that they won’t be able to sell their home during the winter. Lots of people think that the cold weather and bad road conditions will deter buyers from searching and making an offer. Some sellers even go so far as to take their home off the market for the winter. Fear not! We have a few easy tips to ensure that you get an offer quickly.

    1. Take Advantage Of The Season

    Use winter to your advantage! There are tons of positive features you can point out about your home to make it that much more attractive to a potential buyer. For example, if you live in a city like Louisville KY that gets a lot of snow, then it would be a great idea to point out that the closest Kroger is within walking distance. Same thing for a gym or fitness center, which people appreciate since they do not exercise outside as often during the winter. Don’t think about just the location; think about your home amenities too. Just updated the furnace or hot water heater? Write that in the description. Have an attached garage? Emphasize that the buyers won’t ever have to step outside when they leave for work in the morning. Turn the season around and be creative about why this makes your house stand out!

    1. Take Photos From All Times Of The Year

    Don’t get me wrong, snowy pictures can be gorgeous. But your buyer wants to know what the yard looks like without that white blanket covering it. Try to use exterior photos from all the different seasons. If you have a cherry blossom tree that blooms in the spring, include that. If you have lots of trees on your property that show beautiful yellow and red foliage in the fall, include a picture of that too. The more variety, the better.

    1. “Winterize” Your Home

    Getting your snow ready for potential buyers is especially important if you have an open house or a showing. There are many things you can do to get your house ready. If there is snow and ice, clear it from the entire driveway and sidewalk. Make sure the exterior walkways are well lit. Turn on the heat so that your potential buyers feel cozy. Set out a doormat so that they can wipe their feet when they enter. Trust me, they will appreciate the extra touches! If you really want to go the extra mile, set out some hot apple cider for your open house.

    1. Undecorate

    Don’t overdo it on the Christmas and Holiday decorations. A little goes a long way here! We recommend staying to the basics, like white lights and a wreath. Avoid big blow ups in the yard or anything else that might distract from the home.

    1. Price It Right

    The biggest problem that sellers have during the winter, or during any other season, is that the home is overpriced. The one thing that will keep a house on the market for months and months is because it is not priced low enough. Trust your agent to do their job in pricing your home, and be prepared to do a price reduction if there is not enough activity within the first four weeks. Any house will sell – for the right price.

    If you are hesitant to list your home because of the winter season, contact us today! We will be able to tell you whether we can get it sold this winter. You can call me anytime for a free consultation and home analysis at 502-551-1286.

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