Fall Home Preparation: A Checklist to Get You & Your Home Prepared

    Before the air gets colder and the days get shorter, it’s smart to start working on preparing your home for the changes in weather this coming fall and winter! Here is a checklist of some important things to pay attention to.

    Gutters & Downspouts

    It’s important to clean gutters and downspouts frequently throughout the fall to prevent buildup. Leftover leaves and debris can lead to rot, pest infestation, and ruined gutters. You also want to make sure that water is not coming down behind gutter and make sure support brackets are secured so that water drains properly and prevents pooling that can cause damage to foundations, driveways, and sidewalks.

    Windows & Doors

    You’ll want to start with window and door upkeep and repair by inspecting and repairing any loose or damaged window frames and door frames. Then, change your summer screens to storm windows and doors. It is also smart to look into installing weather stripping or caulking around windows and doors to prevent drafts and lower your fall and winter heating costs.


    One very important thing to check on is your furnace filter. It’s recommended to replace this leading into the fall and winter months. You may also want to hire someone to professionally check your heating system and clean your ducts. This helps to ensure optimal performance in the cold weather and reduce household dust.


    In the winter months, the last thing you want is freezing and bursting pipes flooding and ruining your home! To prevent this from happening, ensure that your pipes are well-insulated! You’ll also need to know how to locate and turn off the water shut-off valve in case your pipes do freeze.

    Chimney & Fireplace

    In these cooler seasons, the fireplace can be your best friend for warmth and relaxation, but it can also be a source of safety hazards. It’s smart to call a professional to come inspect and clean the chimney of your fireplace(s). This is recommended annually for fireplaces that are used regularly during the season to prevent chimney fires. It is also smart to test your fireplace flue for a tight seal when it’s closed. This will help to keep warmth in your home when using heat instead of the fireplace and also cut down on energy costs.


    If you have on, your attic can also be another source of energy costs in the colder months. You’ll want to make sure that the insulation in your attic doesn’t cover vents in the eaves in order to prevent winter ice on the roof. Be sure that vents are free of plant and debris blockage as well. Lastly, check bird and rodent screens on vents to prevent unwanted pest intruders.

    Landscaping & Yard Work

    While your grass may not be growing in the fall, it is indeed the best time to fertilize and reseed to plan for regrowth later on the spring! In addition, it’s smart to prune and trim trees, branches, shrubs, and other growth to protect your roof and nearby power lines. This can prevent damage and loss of power with heavy ice and snow possibilities later in the winter months.


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