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    I Am Grateful… 5 Things That Made 2015 A Phenomenal Year for The Elizabeth Monarch Group

    I thought I would take this opportunity to share five things I am grateful for this year. In my ongoing coaching and training, we have spent a lot of time exploring how important it is to have a spirit of gratitude in life. After a tremendous year where I saw business increase exponentially, it’s time to give credit where credit is due.


    My business would not be where it is without all the clients who entrusted our team with their business in 2015. I am so grateful for all of the individuals and families that we have had the honor of working with and getting to know. It was a true joy to serve you all in 2015.


    It’s always an honor to receive a referral, since it’s the highest compliment you can give me. Thank you to those individuals and families who provided me with referrals this past year. There are simply too many to name but you know who you are. I am grateful for your referrals.


    I would not have such amazing clients if not for my team. A huge thank you to not only all the agents in the Keller Williams Realty Louisville office, but also to the individuals on my own team: Crystal Corrigan, Claire Schenk, Brandon Tarrant, Mandy Daep, Heather Lowrey, and Rachel Richards. It has been exciting watching each of you grow this year and I am looking forward to our potential in 2016. You mean so much to me.


    One thing I’ve learned about real estate is that there is plenty of business to go around. There is no reason to have cutthroat competition with other agents, especially agents in my own office. KW has created a culture of abundance and collaboration. I love going to work in my office. I am grateful for the people I work with. I count them as friends. We constantly help one another raise the bar of success.


    When Training Magazine named KW the #1 training organization in the world, across all industries, it confirmed what I already knew. The training is unparalleled and like nothing I have ever seen. Everything I’ve implemented in my business came from someone smarter and with more experience than me. I am grateful for this amazing blessing.


    I am grateful beyond expression this November. I would encourage you to take time this month to do the following activity. Each morning, write down 5 things you are grateful for. Try to find 5 new things each day. It will change your mindset, actions, and outcomes!

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